Certified Strategic Account Management (CSAM)


The course has been designed to assist account management professionals in achieving their business objectives and targets, while the course is enhanced with many ptactical and situational cases that will benefitially extend the participants’ insights in strategic account management.

The course is accredited by the International Board of Standards and CHEA Council of Higher Education International Quality Group (CIQG) Board of Standards Becomes Professional Standards Member and First Signatory to the New Global Standards.

The course will also help participants to become a true strategic account manager and will also help them well prepared for the Certified Strategic Account Management (CSAM) by American Academy examination, which offered by GAFM and IBS that control the association.


The participants will obtain the following capabilitiues and undestanding on :

  • Build strategies for strategic account management, including penetrating,
  • Expanding, and protecting strategic accounts
  • Construct a strategic account team poised to maximize success
  • Lead value discovery sessions with internal teams and accounts for the purpose of value connection and co-creation
  • View needs from the buyer’s perspective to strengthen and deepen value for accounts
  • Assess strategic account management success, and determine whether they need to stay the course, pivot, or otherwise adjust the strategy
  • Build account plans that actually work and result in revenue growth, deeper relationships, and overall account success

Target Peserta

Professional and others with an interest in strategic account management and the related action results within their organizations, and who would benefit from an understanding of the strategic account knowledge as related to project implementation.


Tidak ada syarat khusus.

  • Strategic Account Management Core Concepts
  • Defining strategic accounts
  • what they are, how they work, the opportunity they present
  • The 5 stages in the strategic account management process
  • Big Play strategies and tactics for penetrating, expanding, and protecting major accounts
  • What the best, most successful strategic account managers do
  • Avoiding the most common strategic account management mistakes
  • How to facilitate value discovery meetings internally and externally with your strategic accounts
  • How to connect your capabilities to the needs of strategic accounts and co-create value with them.
  • Strategic Account Teams
  • The 8 strategic account management roles
  • Building a complete and effective account team
  • How to collaborate and communicate with internal management to strengthen account teams and employ the right resources for  account growth
  • Strategic Account Planning
  • Setting ambitious and achievable account goals
  • Using Customer Needs Profiling to uncover the best opportunities
  • How to build Visual Strategic Account Plans to capture opportunity and avoid time wasters
  • Honing account strategies and plans for maximum effectiveness
  • Strategic Account Management Execution
  • How to approach, uncover, and capture maximum opportunity in an account
  • The core principles of influence in the strategic account process
  • The 3 buyer lenses and the 5 buyer decision roles
  • Working at an enterprise level with enterprise buyers with enterprise decision-making authority
  • Measuring, managing, and reporting on account growth forecasts
  • How to embed relationships and create value-based interdependencies between you and accounts
  • Using an Account Scorecard to track your results and make adjustments to account strategy

Waktu Pelaksanaan 3 Hari

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