Performance Management


This course is designed to assist Human Resources professionals and operational managers in giving effective performance appraisals that help motivate employees to achieve higher productivity. Several key topics are covered, including how to establish performance criteria; use various appraisal formats; conduct a meaningful performance discussion; initiate on-going coaching; avoid common mistakes that are made by managers in evaluating their employees; and encourage employees to prepare for a performance discussion.

Participants will share experiences and participate in various exercises to ensure that they fully understand ways to get the best possible performance from employees.


  • Able to effectively implement and manage a Performance Management System in support of the strategic goals of the organization
  • Gain a working knowledge of performance management systems
  • Gain an enhanced ability to communicate effectively on issues relating to performance management
  • Learn appropriate terminologies and practices regarding performance management
  • Learn effective techniques for conducting an effective performance appraisal and ways to coach members of management

Target Peserta

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Operation Manager
  • Performanance  Management Staffs


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1. Introduction
Definition, concerns and scope – Historical developments in Performance Management – Performance appraisal Vs performance management – performance management Vs Human resource management – processes for managing performance – Essence and Implications of Performance Management-critical appraisal.

2. PfM Theatre
PfM System – PfM Theatre – Planning Manage Performance and Development – Monitoring Managee Performance & Mentoring Managee Development- Annual Stock Taking.

3. Planning for Managee’s performance and Development
Setting objectives – Organisational and individual performance plans – Components of Managee performance and development plan – setting mutual expectations and performance criteria.

4. Monitoring and Mentoring
Introduction – Supervision – Objectives and Principles of Monitoring – monitoring process – periodic reviews – problem solving – engendering trust – role efficacy.

5. Annual stocktaking
Stock taking performance – process of Judgment vs process of analysis – stock taking discussions – Delivering efficient feedback – 360- Degree Feedback- stocktaking potential – Tools for stocktaking potential.

6. Appraising for Recognition & Reward
Purpose of Appraising – Methods of appraisal – appraisal system design – Implementing the appraisal system – Appraisals and HR decisions.

7. Organisational effectiveness
Role of Leadership and Change in organizational effectiveness – rules of thumb for change agents – performance management skills – Operationalising change through performance management.

8. High Performing Teams
Building and leading High performing teams – team oriented organizations – developing and leading high performing teams.

9. Case Studies
Case-based discussions will be conducted with topics related to the subjects of training in Performance Management . Exam exercises and questions evaluation.

Waktu Pelaksanaan 3 Hari

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