Project Management For Engineering and Construction


This training will offer an overview and implementation of Project Management, and introducing the systems, tools and techniques available to facilitate the management of engineering and construction projects, allowing you to take an informed view on how best to deliver, manage and control a project.

Suitable for those who are new to project management, or those who already have some experience in this area, this intensive course clearly demonstrates the range of systems that can be deployed, providing a structured approach to delivery and for managing the many issues that inevitably arise throughout the project life cycle.

The course is designed is based on the perspective of improving project delivery in construction and engineering, which is one metric of a Project Management success; and practically it is an important measure. The construction and engineering industry that have implemented Project Management need to ensure the Project Management is providing expected results, and adding value to the business. This course will provide strategies and tactics to enable process improvement for a currently established project management procedure in the organization executing projects.


At the completion of the workshop participants shall benefit from the course such as:

  • Learn how to take a structured approach to “project engineering and construction”delivery
  • Increase the confidence in managing issues throughout a project life cycle
  • Understand the challenges which will be faced during construction and project implementation, and how to address them effectively and efficiently
  • Learn how to evaluate key metrics of success during the project life cycle, and how to improve project results performance
  • Learn techniques to manage project portfolios more effectively
  • `Improve risk management strategies and tactics for addressing risk within the cycle of project processes such as: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and completion (closure) in engineering and construction project

Target Peserta

  • Engineers new to project and construction
  • Project managers with some years of experience
  • Construction engineers and managers
  • Line managers


No specific requirements for participants.

1. Project Management for Engineering and Construction Projects

  • Establish a project
  • Define organisational arrangements and roles and responsibilities through the project lifecycle
  • Create cost estimates for a project, recognising contingencies
  • Plan a project, recognising dependencies, how to identify the critical path and how to assess both time and resource
  • Measure progress for individual tasks and the project as a whole
  • Analyse and apply earned value
  • Control, report and quantify change
  • Identify and quantify risks on a project
  • Measure and control project costs
  • Measure and manage safety
  • Participate in partnering and alliancing arrangements
  • Undertake procurements
  • Apply contracts and use their respective terms and conditions

2. Coping with Runaway project in Engineering and Construction

  • Definition of a runaway project
  • Conducting a project audit
  • Preparing and implementing a recovery plan

3. Project Management Methodology Implementation

  • Motivations, costs, and benefits
  • Claims and Contract management
  • Assessing the current project management practices
  • Project or programs
  • Division-level PM
  • Enterprise-level PM
  • Organizational structures and strategy
  • Functional organization
  • Project-oriented organization
  • Matrix organization
  • Use of virtual teams
  • Guidelines for successful implementation
  • PM implementation plan
  • Effective deployment of the PM programs

4. Case Studies and Exercises

Case-based discussions will be conducted with topics related to the subjects of training, while for every chapter completed will be followed by comprehensive exercises focusing on the described subjects in the chapters as related to CPMC (Certified Project Managementin Construction) exam certification from American Academy of Project Manmagement

Waktu Pelaksanaan 3 Hari

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